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By Maddy Scheckel

June 6, 2023

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With $3.2 trillion in assets, 4,820 branches, and over 15,000 ATMs, Chase Bank is the largest bank in the U.S.

It’s also known for its generous promotional offers.

Chase Bank will give you hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of dollars for opening an account and meeting basic requirements.

But which Chase Bank Bonus offer is right for you? And which can you realistically qualify for?

Below, I describe the top Chase bonus offers in detail, so you can earn as much money as possible when you open a new account!

You can earn up to $3,000 through Chase Bank bonus offers.
Source: Unsplash

5 Best Chase Bank Bonus Offers and Promotions

Chase Bank bonus offers change over time – as do the requirements. These offers are all available in 2023, and they pay as much as $3,000!

Read on to decide which offer matches your needs and expectations. 

1 – Chase Private Client Checking

Bonus Offer: $1,000 – $3,000 (depends on total amount deposited in first 45 days)

Offer Expires: 7/19/2023

Account Type: Personal checking

Monthly Fee: $35 (waived if criteria are met) 

Requirements: Existing Chase personal checking or savings accounts or an eligible J.P. Morgan Wealth Management non-retirement account; a minimum deposit of $150,000+ within 45 days

The Chase Private Client Checking account is just what it sounds like: A high-level account that earns you special treatment from the bank.

Perks of the Chase Private Client Checking account include:

  • Personalized attention from a Private Client Banker and a J.P. Morgan Private Client Advisor
  • No fees on ATM withdrawals or wire transfers
  • Mortgage rate discounts that can reach 0.5%.
  • Fees waived on associated Chase Business Complete Checking account
  • Reduced balance requirements on associated Chase Platinum Business Checking account

The size of the bonus will depend on how much you deposit within 45 days:

  • $150,000 – $249,999 deposit = $1,000 reward
  • $250,000 – $499,999 deposit = $2,000 reward
  • $500,000+ deposit = $3,000 reward

Those are some hefty bonuses! But be aware: The deposits must come from outside Chase Bank. You can’t just move money from one Chase account to another in order to land the bonus.

If you’ve got some serious money to put in the bank, this could be a Chase Bank offer worth considering. Talk to a Chase Private Client Banker to begin the process.

And if you don’t have $150,000 to deposit, that’s okay. There are other Chase Bank bonus offers that have less-intense requirements! 

Read more to find out why Chase Bank is one of the best banks in America.

2 – Chase Business Complete Banking

Bonus Offer: $300 – $500 (depending on the size of the deposits in the first 30 days)

Offer Expires: 8/3/2023

Account Type: Business checking

Monthly Fee: $15 (waived if criteria are met)

Requirements: Deposit at least $2,000 within 30 days; maintain a $2,000+ balance for 60 days; and complete five qualifying transactions within 90 days.

Chase Business Complete Banking is a comprehensive product for business owners. 

First and foremost, it’s a checking account. It’s a place where businesses can store and access their money.

But Chase Business Complete Banking offers additional services, including:

  • The Chase QuickAccept program for accepting credit card payments
  • Fraud protection services
  • Option for Employee Deposit Cards
  • Online and mobile banking

So this is a handy account for a business owner to have – and then there’s the free money to consider! 

If you toss “Chase bonus checking account” into your favorite search engine, the Chase Business Complete checking account is likely to appear. 


Because this promotion is an especially appealing Chase Bank bonus!

Qualifying for the bonus is a simple 3-step process:

  1. Open a Chase Business Complete Checking account – either online or at a branch. If you open an account at a branch, make sure you present them with the offer.
  2. Make a minimum deposit of at least $2,000, and maintain that balance for 60 days. With $2,000+, you’ll earn a $300 bonus. And with $15,000+, you’ll earn $500!
  3. Make at least five qualifying transactions within 90 days.

And what counts as a “qualifying transaction?”

There are two options:

  1. Debit card purchases
  2. Accepting payments with Chase products like QuickAccept, Chase QuickDeposit, ACH (Credits), wires (Credits and Debits), and Chase Online Bill Pay

Remember, this account is for businesses, not individuals. But if you’re a business owner, this could be your easiest path to a lucrative Chase checking bonus!

Business owners can claim a $500 Chase Bank bonus offer by opening a Chase Business Complete Banking and meeting certain requirements.
Source: Unsplash

3 – Chase Total Checking

Bonus Offer: $200

Offer Expires: 7/19/2023

Account Type: Personal checking

Monthly Fee: $12 (waived if criteria are met)

Requirements: No prior Chase checking account within last 90 days; no Chase checking account closed with negative balance within last 3 years; direct deposit made to account within 90 days

Chase Total Checking is Chase Bank’s basic checking account option, and it’s a solid choice. 

There are plenty of reasons to open a Chase Total Checking account:

  • Chase Bank has over 16,000 ATMs and more than 4,700 branches, so you’ll likely have easy access to your funds.
  • You can manage your account with the Chase Mobile App, which has a 4.8-star rating on the App Store. 
  • You can apply for a Chase Savings account at the same time.

Oh, and the other obvious benefit: You can earn a free $200 bonus!

What’s great about this Chase checking bonus is that it’s super easy to qualify for. Just receive some sort of direct deposit within 90 days– and that’s it!

A qualifying “direct deposit” is the digital deposit of:

  • A paycheck
  • Funds from a pension 
  • Government benefits

So no, receiving a Zelle payment from friends won’t cut it. Neither will “micro-deposits,” those tiny deposits that companies sometimes make just to verify your account information.

But as long as you receive some kind of digital deposit from an eligible source, you can earn that $200 Chase Bank Bonus!

4 – Chase Secure Banking

Bonus Offer: $100

Offer Expires: 7/19/2023

Account Type: Personal checking

Monthly Fee: None for the first two statement periods, then $4.95 (waived if criteria are met)

Requirements: Complete 10+ qualifying transactions within 60 days

The Chase Secure Banking account is a super-basic checking account with one incredible feature: no overdraft fees.

With the Chase Secure Banking account, it’s impossible to overdraw from your account. If you don’t have enough money to complete a transaction, Chase will simply reject it. I guess that’s what puts the “secure” in Secure Banking!

And while this is considered a more basic account, you’ll still gain access to Chase’s vast network of ATMs and branches, as well as its online and mobile banking features.

The Chase Secure Banking bonus is a bit smaller than the Chase Total Banking bonus, but it’s also easier to get. There’s no need to receive a direct deposit, which makes it accessible even without a steady source of income.

The only requirement to receive this $100 Chase bonus offer is to complete at least 10 qualifying transactions within 60 days. There’s not even a minimum deposit required. It’s that simple!

Qualifying transactions include:

  • Debit card purchases
  • Online bill payments
  • Chase QuickDeposit transactions
  • Zelle digital transactions
  • ACH credits

So if you make a habit of using your debit card and your account’s digital features, you should have no problem getting that $100 bonus!

5 – Chase College Checking

Bonus Offer: $100

Offer Expires: 7/19/2023

Account Type: Student checking

Monthly Fee: None for up to 5 years (then $6; waived if criteria are met)

Requirements: Be a college student (ages 17-24) with proof of student status; complete 10 qualifying transactions within 60 days

The Chase College Checking account was designed specifically for college students. 

That means it includes some student-friendly features:

  • No monthly fee for college students
  • No minimum deposit – because college kids aren’t typically rolling in dough!
  • Chase Overdraft Assist – which will prevent overdraft fees as long as you get your balance back to -$50 by the end of the next business day.
  • Zero liability protection with reimbursements for unauthorized transactions – because misplaced debit cards are possible when you’re studying so hard!

The Chase College Checking gives you access to Chase’s full network of 6,000+ ATMs and 4,700+ branches. That’s great for students because you’re likely to have access from your hometown and your campus.

To qualify for the $100 Chase Bank bonus, you just need to complete at least 10 qualifying transactions within 60 days.

And all these activities would count towards the total:

  • Buying something with your debit card
  • Paying a bill online
  • Using Chase QuickDeposit
  • Using Zelle to complete a transaction (which is super easy!)
  • Receiving an ACH credit

So here’s the deal. You’ll probably want a checking account at college, anyway. And with Chase Bank, you can receive $100 just for using your account on a semi-regular basis for the first 60 days. 

So if you’re a student with a “Chase bonus checking account” on the mind, this offer is a total no-brainer!

Commonly Asked Questions About Chase Bank Bonuses

How to Get a $600 Bonus From Chase?

You can get a $600 Chase Bank bonus by signing up for a Chase Total Checking account and a Chase Savings account at the same time and then meeting the requirements. This is basically a Chase savings account bonus and a Chase checking bonus wrapped together in a single package!

How Do You Get the Chase $2,000 Bonus?

You can get a $2,000 Chase checking bonus by signing up for a Chase Private Client Checking account, then depositing at least $250,000 within 45 days.

Does Chase Really Give You $225?

The $225 Chase Bank bonus has expired, but you can still get $200 for opening a Chase Total Checking account and receiving a direct deposit within 90 days. Check out this list of active bank promotions!

How Long Does Chase 225 Bonus Take?

The Chase Total Checking bonus, which is now $200, will be credited to your account within 15 days after you receive a qualifying direct deposit.

Chase $600 Bonus Checking, Savings?

Until 7/19/2023, there’s a $600 Chase bonus offer for opening a Chase Total Checking account and Chase Savings account at the same time. To get the bonus, you’ll have to meet additional requirements (including depositing and maintaining a $15,000 balance in the savings account for 90 days). 

Chase Checking and Savings Account Bonus?

There’s a Chase Bank bonus that pays $600 for opening a Chase Total Checking and Chase savings account at the same time. The offer is only available until 7/19/2023, and it has additional requirements (you’ll need to deposit and keep at least $15,000 in the savings account for the first 90 days). 

Chase Bank $500 Coupon Code?

There’s a $500 Chase checking bonus available with the Chase Business Complete Checking account. You don’t need a coupon code, but you do need to go through the correct webpage to claim the offer. Also, you’ll need to deposit and maintain at least $15,000 and meet other requirements. 

Chase Savings Account Bonus $300?

While there isn’t a $300 bonus available for Chase savings accounts, there is a $200 Chase Savings account bonus you can get by depositing $15,000 dollars and maintaining a $15,000 balance for 90 days. Be sure to also check out the Chase Total Checking account bonus that’s currently available for $200. 

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