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By Maddy Scheckel

July 20, 2023

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The average American has three credit cards, and I can totally understand why. They allow you to buy practically anything with a quick swipe or a tap. Talk about convenience!

But what if you want to send money – either to a friend, a business, or someone else? Can you use a credit card for that?

You can, but it will probably cost you. That’s because most methods involve fees and potentially even interest.

So, how to send money with credit card

I’ll answer that question below and give you tips for avoiding the worst of the repercussions. 

How to Send Money With a Credit Card

Using a credit card to send money isn’t ideal, but sometimes you don’t have other options. 

I get that. 

So here are a few methods to consider.

1 – Peer-to-Peer Apps

You can use your credit card with popular payment apps like PayPalCash App, and Venmo. 

But you’ll likely have to pay an extra fee.

Let’s look at the fees for each service:

  • PayPal: 2.9% of the transaction, plus a flat fee of $0.30
  • Cash App: 3% of the transaction
  • Venmo: 3% of the transaction

Those fees are certainly annoying, but they’re not massive. So, while peer-to-peer apps are convenient, I wouldn’t make a habit of using them to send money with credit card. 

Other peer-to-peer apps don’t allow credit cards at all, including Pangea Money Transfer, Apple Pay, Zelle, and Google Pay. 

Some peer-to-peer apps allow you to send money to your friends with a credit card. 
Source: Unsplash

Here are the major differences I noticed between a charge card vs credit card.

2 – Cash Advances

A cash advance is a loan you take out to send money with credit card. 

Basically, it allows you to use your credit card at an ATM. You put the card into the machine and take out money, just like with a debit card. Then, you can use the cash for whatever you like.

But be careful because getting a cash advance can be expensive.

Every card has its own rules, but potential costs include:

  • An ATM fee – which is often around 3%
  • A cash advance fee – which depends on the credit card but is usually around 3%-5%
  • Interest on the money you’re borrowing

3 – Wire Transfers

Banks and other financial institutions like Western Union provide wire transfers as a way to send money quickly. It’s certainly efficient – but if you’re using a credit card, it can be costly.

First of all, there’s the wire transfer fee to consider. You’d have to pay this whether you’re using a credit card, a debit card, or a checking account.

But then there are extra costs for using a credit card. 

Your credit card company might consider a wire transfer a form of cash advance. That means you’re looking at a cash advance fee and potential interest payments.

4 – Credit Card Loans

A credit card loan is another way to borrow money from your credit card company. Not all credit cards give you this option, but if it’s available, it could be a lot less expensive than taking out a cash advance.

Basically, a credit card loan is a standard loan – except it happens within the context of your credit card agreement. You don’t have to apply for a separate loan or undergo a credit check. 

Instead, you’ll just check your loan opportunities, which are usually visible through an online portal, or you can call the company directly to ask. Then, you can accept the terms you’re interested in.

This option isn’t available to everybody, but it’s a good option to consider before taking out a cash advance. There’s nothing more annoying than taking an expensive route, then finding out a cheaper option was on the table!

5 – Plastiq

So you want to use a credit card in a situation where it wouldn’t normally be possible. Shouldn’t there be an app for that?

There is! It’s called Plastiq, and it gives credit cards far more reach than they ever had before. 

The concept is simple:

  1. You need to pay an entity that doesn’t accept cards.
  2. You pay Plastiq the money with your credit card.
  3. They pay the entity using a method the entity will accept (usually a wire transfer, ACH, or  an old-fashioned check). 

Of course, Plastiq doesn’t do this out of the goodness of their hearts. The company charges a 2.9% fee, which is similar to the credit card fees you’ll see with peer-to-peer payment apps. 

Tips for Sending Money With a Credit Card

Sending money with a credit card is likely going to cost you – but how much? That will depend on the strategy you use.

Here are some tips to reduce fees and interest and ensure your financial safety. 


You probably can’t avoid fees when sending money with a credit card, but you can at least reduce them.

Some tips to consider:

  • Take the fees seriously. I know 3% doesn’t seem like much, but it will add up quickly.
  • Check for fees before using a service. Trust me; surprise fees are especially nasty.
  • Don’t send money with a credit card just to earn rewards. Remember: If the fees are higher than the rewards, you’ll come out behind!


When it comes to interest, my advice is pretty simple: Do whatever you can to avoid being charged for it. That means only taking out a cash advance if it’s absolutely necessary.

And if it is absolutely necessary? Then pay off your credit card balance as quickly as possible. 

Interest can sometimes be higher for a cash advance, and there’s often no grace period. So if you’re not careful, you could find yourself spiraling into debt.


Safely send money with credit card? It’s totally possible, but you have to make smart decisions. 

The most important thing is to always use a trusted, reliable service. 

You’ve probably heard of companies like PayPal and Cash App, and that’s because they’ve been around for a while and earned strong reputations. That means you can use them with minimal safety concerns.

And if you encounter a new service you’ve never heard of? Be sure to do a little research before giving your credit card info away. 

For another option, check out this Pangea Money Transfer review.

How to Send Money With a Debit Card

It’s almost always better to send money with a debit card than a credit card. 

The reason is: No fees! No interest! What a relief.

Here are a few platforms that you can’t use to send money with credit card, but that you can use with a debit card – and for free!

1 – Zelle

Zelle is a super convenient way to send money from one bank account to another. 

First, check on Zelle’s official website to see if your bank or credit union already offers Zelle. 

If it does, you can send the money from your account’s app or online portal.

And if it doesn’t, no worries. Just download the Zelle app, link your debit card to your account, and – voila! You can then send the money with a debit card.

The recipient will also need Zelle in order to complete the transaction, through either their bank account or the Zelle app.

2 – Apple Pay

Here’s a quick questionnaire for the next time you want to send someone money:

Do you have an iPhone? 

And does the recipient have an iPhone?

If so, then Apple Pay is probably the easiest way to complete the transaction. 

Just make sure you and the recipient both have Apple Pay set up with your debit card linked.

From there, it’s this simple: Tap the Apple Pay button in a text conversation with the other person, then enter the amount you’d like to send. 

3 – Google Pay

Google Pay is another easy way to send money with a debit card.

Here’s how to use it:

  • Step 1: Make sure you and the recipient both have Google Pay accounts. 
  • Step 2: Download the Google Pay app.
  • Step 3: Link your debit card or bank account to Google Pay.
  • Step 4: Send the money using the recipient’s phone number or email address.

Some peer-to-peer apps allow you to send money to your friends with a credit card. 
Source: Unsplash

Commonly Asked Questions About Sending Money With a Credit Card

Can You Send Someone Money With a Credit Card?

Yes, you can send someone money with a credit card, but it can be costly. Peer-to-peer payment platforms like PayPal and Cash App often charge fees, while wire transfers can count as “cash advances,” meaning your credit card company will likely charge a fee plus interest.

Is it Safe to Send Money With a Credit Card?

It’s safe to send money with a credit card as long as you use a reputable service or platform. PayPalCash App, and Venmo are all solid options.  

Can You Venmo With a Credit Card?

You can Venmo someone with a credit card, but you’ll be charged an extra fee. The credit card fee on Venmo is 3% of the transaction. That means you’d pay an extra $0.60 if you sent someone $20. Another option to explore would be Cash App.

Can You Zelle Send Money From Credit Card?

Zelle doesn’t allow you to send money from a credit card. If you need to use your credit card to send money, you could use PayPalCash App, or Venmo. These services allow credit cards, but charge additional fees.

Can I Send Money on Cash App With a Credit Card?

You can use a credit card to send money on Cash App, but you’ll have to pay a 3% fee. That means you’d be charged an extra $0.60 for a $20 payment.

Send Money Online With Credit Card?

There are a few ways to send money with credit card, but they usually involve extra costs. Options include:

  • Peer-to-peer payment apps like PayPalCash App, or Venmo
  • Wire transfers through services like Western Union
  • Plastiq – a service that allows for expanded credit card use

Send Money From Credit Card to Bank Account Free?

You can send money from a credit card to a bank account, but it probably won’t be free. Options include peer-to-peer platforms such as PayPal, which charge extra fees, or wire transfers and cash advances, which likely involve fees and interest payments. 

Apps to Send Money With Credit Card?

PayPalCash App, and Venmo all have a “send money with credit card” option in their app, but you’ll have to pay an additional fee.

Easiest Way to Send Money With a Credit Card?

The easiest “send money with credit card” option is probably to use a peer-to-peer platform like PayPalCash App, or Venmo. These platforms charge fees for using a credit card, but at least they’re super convenient

How Can I Send Money Instantly With a Credit Card?

There are a few ways to send money with a credit card, including:

  • Peer-to-peer apps like PayPalCash App, and Venmo
  • Wire transfers
  • Plastiq – a platform that lets you use credit cards in more places

Just be aware that all of these methods will involve paying additional fees. 

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