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By Maddy Scheckel

February 21, 2023

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70%  of Americans are broke.

Although there are multiple causes behind why people are living paycheck to paycheck, a significant factor is high credit card interest rates. 

Credit card interest rates currently sit at 16.27%. These rates make borrowing for emergencies or big purchases almost impossible.

Nelo’s buy now, pay later (BNPL) app can ease your financial burden.

It allows you to borrow money at interest rates lower than credit cards, so you have more money left to save and invest.

Keep reading for my full Nelo Review that will answer all your questions about this popular buy now, pay later app.

What is Nelo?

Nelo is a buy now pay later (BNPL) app based in Mexico that may soon be operating in the U.S. It’s currently one of Mexico’s top 15 shopping apps, with a 4.7-star rating from over 95,000 Nelo reviews in the Google Play store.

But unlike other buy now pay later apps, Nelo doesn’t require you to link a credit card to your account. 

All you have to do is sign up and enter information like:

  • Your full name
  • Government-issued photo ID
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Billing address

View of Nelo user dashboard
Source: Nelo.mx

Nelo’s payment plans are also flexible. You can choose between two to 12 weeks to pay back your loans.

If something comes up and you can’t make the payments, don’t worry. The Nelo customer support team is friendly and understanding. Reach out via WhatsApp chat, and they will work with you to build a new payment plan. 

Unfortunately, this does come at a cost. If you miss payments, Nelo will charge a late fee based on the total amount owed and the number of days late. This also impacts your spending limit, as Nelo will reduce how much money you can borrow. 

And if you’re missing payments consistently, you can expect Nelo to report it to one of the major credit bureaus.

But this goes both ways. While missing payments can lower your score, Nelo also reports your on-time payments. 

So you can use Nelo to build your credit score, too. This is terrific for people who lack credit history and can’t qualify for a credit card.

How To Use Nelo

Buy now, pay later apps can put you in serious debt if you don’t use them responsibly. 

So if you’re new to Nelo, check out this four-step process to avoid mountains of debt:

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Shop at your favorite stores
  3. Confirm your purchase 
  4. Pay your installments on time

Step 1: Sign Up For An Account

To get started with Nelo, sign up for an account by downloading the Nelo app on the App Store or Google Play Store. 

When you first log in, Nelo will ask for your phone number and send you a five-digit code via WhatsApp. To move forward with the application process, enter this code into the Nelo app.

Once your information is confirmed, it’s time to set your four-digit password. Keep this password handy, as you’ll need it every time you open the app.

The last step of the application process is taking a clear picture of yourself and your government-issued ID. If you need more time to verify your identity, feel free to skip this step and return to it later.

If you’re a foreigner living in Mexico, you can still apply with your FM2 or FM3 (Forma Migratoria) residency documentation.

Typically, Nelo will review your account within one business day. But if it’s during a busy shopping season, like around Mother’s Day or Christmas, reviews can take multiple days.

Step 2: Shop At Your Favorite Stores

Now comes the fun part; shopping at your favorite stores. Nelo works with all major retailers that accept Mastercard. Popular stores include:

  • Amazon Mexico
  • Walmart
  • Zara
  • Nike
  • Adidas

But what stood out to me about Nelo is that they aren’t just compatible with retailers.

For example, if you want to pay your internet bill with AT&T, go to your internet provider’s website and checkout with Nelo. This makes Nelo a good option if you’re facing an emergency and are struggling to pay bills.

Nelo also works offline. Let’s say you want to buy something at your local grocery store. Simply go to your Nelo app, head to “Available with SPEI,” and you’ll find an amount that you can deposit into your bank account. Add your account details, and Nelo will wire a small personal loan to your account that you can shop with offline.

Step 3: Confirm Your Purchase

To use your Nelo card, go to the Nelo app and type the name of the store you’d like to shop at. Another option is to visit the website of any online store that accepts Mastercard, and when checking out, select “Pay with Nelo.”

You’ll be able to enter the amount of credit you’d like to take out. This could be the full total or a certain percentage. After you’ve entered the Nelo amount, choose a payment plan between two and 12 weeks.

Nelo will take you to a page where you can review and confirm everything or change any errors.

The last step is adding your payment method, and Nelo will withdraw the first installment.

Step 4: Pay Your Installments

Paying your installments only takes a few seconds.

Log into Nelo with your password and go to the “Payments” section. Click the button that says “Make Payment.”

Nelo will take you to a page where you can manage all your payments and card details. You can also add a new card by selecting “Add Payment Method.”

Tip: When adding a new card, ensure you have at least $1 in your account because Nelo uses this to verify that your account is active and has funds. These retention fees are returned within one or two days.

If you prefer offline transactions, Nelo also allows you to make payments at your local bank. Simply request a transfer charge to your account, and provide the bank with your Nelo account details. This is a feature that most buy now, pay later apps don’t offer. 

You also don’t have to wait for your due date to make payments. 

I highly suggest making your payments as early as possible since it lowers your income-to-debt ratio. This leaves you with more money in your bank account at the end of every month. 

Shopping through the Nelo app is easy and hassle-free
Source: Nelo.mx

Is Nelo Legit?

With over one million downloads on Google Play and 4.7 out of five stars, Nelo is a legit company that offers online shopping and personal loans at low-interest rates.

Although Nelo was only founded in 2019 and isn’t as established as other alternatives, most of the Nelo reviews are positive. Customers comment on how secure and easy to navigate the app is, while others love it for the number of retailers you can shop at.

Most bad reviews discuss how they don’t receive the OTP (One Time Password) when signing up. And while this is annoying, you can quickly fix it by requesting another password be sent.

Is Nelo Safe?

Nelo is a secure app with thousands of happy clients. It stands out because it’s super easy to use and will help you build a good credit score.

But there are a few things to watch out for.

Nelo may sell your data to third parties: In Nelo’s terms and conditions policy, it states that they may share your phone number, email address, and full name with third parties for marketing reasons. However, you do have the option to contact the support team and request they delete your data.

Nelo Reviews

Here are some positive Nelo reviews from previous customers.

Many users rave about how user-friendly the app is in their Nelo reviews
Source: App Store

These Nelo reviews also find that it’s a good option when trying to build a credit score

Users talk about how secure and easy-to-use the app is in their Nelo reviews
Source: Google Play store

Commonly Asked Questions About Nelo

Is Nelo Available In The US?

Nelo is a buy now, pay later (BNPL) app that was founded in Mexico in 2019. So although they are not currently operating in the U.S., it’s safe to anticipate Nelo will be joining the U.S. BNPL market soon.

What Is Nelo Buy Now Pay Later?

Nelo buy now, pay later (BNPL) is a mobile app that lets you buy products and pay them back over two to 12 weeks. You can use Nelo anywhere Mastercard is accepted. Also, Nelo reports your activity to major credit bureaus, allowing you to build good credit. 

Is Nelo App Legit?

Nelo is a legit app that makes buying products on credit easy. Nelo has over one million downloads in the Google Play store and a 4.9-star rating in the App Store. 

How Does Nelo Work?

Sign up for Nelo by downloading the app and verifying your information. Once Nelo approves your account, you can buy from all retailers that accept Mastercard, like Amazon, Walmart, and Nike. To pay off your loan, choose a repayment plan between two to 12 weeks.

Where Can You Shop With Nelo?

You can use your Nelo account to shop at the thousands of stores that accept Mastercard. These stores include Amazon, Walmart, Zara, Nike, Adidas, and more! To learn about all the retailers you can buy at, visit the Nelo website or download the mobile app.

Is Nelo Like A Credit Card?

Nelo is like a credit card that charges low interest. The best thing is that you don’t need a credit score to get approved. With a Nelo account, you can start building your credit score, allowing you to qualify for bigger loans for things like mortgages and vehicle financing.

Does Nelo Affect Your Credit?

Yes. A Nelo account affects your credit score, but this is good if you’re a responsible consumer. By making payments on time, you show credit bureaus that you can handle debt. This is perfect for anyone with a zero or low credit score looking to build good credit.

Who Is The Biggest BNPL Company?

Klarna is the biggest BNPL (Buy now, pay later) company, as it has 150 million users across 450,000 merchants in 45 countries. It also offers traditional personal loan financing, which is handy during emergencies.

What Are Nelo Alternatives?

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