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By Maddy Scheckel
October 2, 2023

Do you practically live on the internet? 

If so, you’re in good company. 31% of Americans are online “almost constantly.”

But being online doesn’t mean you’re wasting time. 

If you’re smart, you can monetize your screen time and earn gift cards by playing games!

Sounds like a scam, doesn’t it? 

But it’s not! 

Just make sure you stick with platforms that are actually legit – like the ones I’ve listed below.

You can earn gift cards for playing games that are truly enjoyable.
Source: Unsplash

9 Best Ways to Earn Gift Cards by Playing Games

The internet’s massive, and it’s full of apps and websites that offer rewards for playing games. 

Which are legit? Which offers decent rewards?

I’ve listed nine that are actually worth considering.

1 – Cashyy

Cashyy is an app-based platform that lets you earn gift cards by playing games on your Android device (sorry, Apple users).

Signing up is easy. Just download the app and create your profile. This is even simpler if you connect through your Facebook or Google accounts.

You’ll get 9,444 points just for registering. Then, it’s time to get playing!

Cashyy separates the available games into basic categories:

  • Strategy
  • Puzzle
  • Adventure
  • Arcade

You’ll get points in exchange for playing the game, and then you can redeem those points for gift cards or cash. 

If you opt for a gift card, the minimum amount will depend on the brand. Gift cards are available for Amazon, Sephora, iTunes, and more. 

Interested? Check out this full Cashyy review for more information. 

2 – Mistplay

Mistplay is an Android app that offers gift cards for playing games – and not just any games. They’ll build you a personalized list of games that match your interests. 

Yes, that means they’ll find games that you’re especially likely to enjoy and then pay you to play them!

How is this even possible? Well, game developers need testers to check their work. And in this case, “tester” just means “gamer.” 

Not a bad job title, huh?

One great thing about Mistplay is the sheer number of games available. Popular categories involve:

  • Action
  • Adventure
  • Arcade
  • Casino
  • Puzzle
  • Racing
  • Roleplaying
  • Simulation
  • Sports
  • Strategy

Mistplay’s payment model is simple: As you spend time playing a game, your account will receive “units.” The minimum cashout threshold depends on what you choose to redeem your units for but typically is around $5 or 1,500 units. You can then convert those units into gift cards to Amazon, Paypal, Google Play, and more.

To learn more, read through this detailed Mistplay Review

3 – Rewarded Play

This app is just what it sounds like: a platform that will reward you for playing games. And while you can’t earn cash, you can earn gift cards to some of the most popular brands on the planet.

The system is simple: You play games. You earn points. You redeem those points in exchange for gift cards.

On Rewarded Play, 9,000 points equals $1. The more you play, the more points you’ll receive. Once you’ve got 45,000 points, you can cash out for a $5 gift card. Available gift card retailers include Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more. 

The app has a 4.3 rating on the Google Play Store, and it’s easy to see why. 

The average active user earns $30-$100 in gift cards each month, and there’s a wide variety of games available – from action games to puzzles!

Want more details about this exciting app? Then read our extensive Rewarded Play review

4 – Fitplay

Fitplay’s model is straightforward: You can earn gift cards by playing games. 

The app is available on the Google Play Store, and it’s completely free. Gift card options include Amazon, Starbucks, and more. 

There are also no deposits or in-game purchases. This means you don’t have to worry about sinking money into the project and coming out behind. 

Fitplay has a 4-star rating on Google Play, which shows it’s completely legit. Has everyone had a positive experience? 

Of course not. 

Some folks didn’t get as many “coins” as they thought they deserved. But many more seem content with their experience – which suggests Fitplay is an app worth considering. 

5 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the biggest names in the games-for-gift-cards ecosystem. They’ve been around for over a decade, and their 4.3-star Trustpilot rating shows that they’re totally legit. 

After you download the Swagbucks app, you can get $10 credited to your account just for signing up. And then comes the fun part: playing games!

One thing to keep in mind: You might have to pay for some games in order to play them. At first, that can seem counterintuitive. Aren’t they supposed to be paying you? But think of it this way: If you pay $20 for a game, and then you make over a hundred by playing, it’s actually a darn good investment!

Swagbucks is pretty lucrative, with the average user earning $1-$5 per day – decent pay for an activity that’s literally designed to be fun!

There are several ways to get your earnings, including:

  • Cash (through Paypal)
  • Prepaid Visa gift card
  • Gift cards to retailers like Walmart and Amazon

Give this Swagbucks review a once-over to learn even more!

6 – InboxDollars

InboxDollars is sort of an all-in-one rewards site. Yes, you can earn gift cards by playing games, but you can also do a whole lot more. 

This variety of options makes InboxDollars an especially appealing option. 

Not only is signing up easy (you just have to answer 30 basic questions), but you’ll also get a $5 bonus right from the start. 

With your account up and running, you can start doing activities and getting paid!

Available tasks include:

  • Playing games
  • Taking surveys
  • Sharing your browsing data
  • Uploading receipts
  • Watching videos
  • Signing up for special offers
  • Using coupons
  • Shopping with certain brands

InboxDollars offers its users cash payouts, but you can opt for gift cards, too. Cards are available to retailers like Target, Amazon, Starbucks, The Home Depot, and Sephora.

That variety is intriguing, isn’t it? Read this full InboxDollars review for even more information!

7 – Lucktastic 

This app has a unique niche: digital scratch tickets. 

That’s right – you can use the platform to “scratch” digital tickets that pay real rewards.

So there are no traditional “games” on Lucktastic, just  scratch tickets and lottery-style contests. 

Boring? Not necessarily. Sometimes “brainless” games are the most fun of all!

Your Lucktastic winnings will appear as tokens in your account. Once you’ve got enough tokens (minimum $5 worth), you can redeem them for prizes, including:

  • Dunkin gift cards
  • Burger King gift cards
  • Panera gift cards
  • Magazine subscriptions
  • Amazon gift cards
  • And many more…

One thing to note: Many reviewers have found it takes a long time to earn enough tokens for a gift card. 

My advice? Give Lucktastic a try if you think you’d enjoy it, but don’t expect it to have a meaningful impact on your finances.

Read this complete Lucktastic review here

8 – Money Rawr

Money Rawr is another legit app where you can earn gift cards by playing games. It’s got a 4.3-star rating on the Google Play Store – which shows they pay out as promised.

Now, Money Rawr might be legit, but is it right for you? It’s a pretty standard “play to earn” platform, but there are pros and cons to consider. 

On the “pro” side, Money Rawr offers multiple forms of payment. You can receive the following:

  • Cash through Paypal
  • Amazon gift cards
  • Google Play Store gift cards

And then there’s the fact that you won’t have to make in-app purchases. It’s always nice to know you’ll only have money coming in without any money going out!

The main downside to Money Rawr is that it doesn’t seem to pay as much as other sites. Users also say there aren’t as many games available. 

That doesn’t mean it’s not a good app to have on your radar, especially as a backup plan. But it might not be your first choice. 

9 – Buff

Buff helps you earn gift cards by playing games – and there are over 1,500 games to choose from. This variety makes the app an intriguing option for avid gamers.

With some apps, you’re stuck playing random games you’ve never heard of. But Buff will pay you to play some of the most famous games out there. Fortnite. Minecraft. Halo. Those are just some of the options available. 

The process is simple: Just run Buff in the background as you play your favorite games (on desktop or mobile). They’ll capture the data and gameplay highlights they need and then reward you.

Once you’ve earned enough “Buffs,” you can exchange them for real prizes. Options include gift cards to Amazon and Domino’s, as well as free video games. 

Work or entertainment? When you earn gift cards by playing games, it’s a little bit of both.
Source: Unsplash

Commonly Asked Questions About Ways to Earn Gift Cards by Playing Games

What App Can I Use to Earn Gift Cards by Playing Games?

There are lots of apps that allow you to earn gift cards by playing games. On Rewarded Play, for example, the average user earns $30-$100 per month. Other options include:

What is the Easiest Way to Earn Gift Cards?

One of the easiest ways to earn gift cards is by playing games on apps like Mistplay and Rewarded Play. On some platforms, like InboxDollars and Swagbucks, you can also earn gift cards by taking surveys or sharing your online activity.

How to Get Free Play Gift Card?

Multiple apps will give you Google Play gift cards in exchange for playing games or taking surveys. These apps are totally legit and worth considering:

What is a Good App to Earn Gift Cards?

While there are several legit apps to earn gift cards by playing games, I would recommend starting with Rewarded Play. The earnings are decent ($30-$100 per month), and there are so many games available that you won’t get bored!

Websites to Earn Gift Cards?

Swagbucks and InboxDollars are two of the best platforms for receiving gift cards. On both sites, you can earn gift cards by:

  • Playing games 
  • Taking surveys
  • Sharing web browsing
  • Accepting promotional offers

How to Win Free Gift Cards Instantly?

Winning free gift cards “instantly” is tough because you generally have to spend some time playing games or completing other tasks before you can claim a card. InboxDollars gives you a $5 bonus for completing its registration process, which is likely as close as you’ll get to “instant” earnings

Earn Gift Cards by Playing Games PC?

There are multiple sites where you can earn gift cards by playing games on your PC. SwagbucksInboxDollars, and Buff, are solid options because they let you choose from a wide variety of games. 

Best Games to Win Gift Cards?

There are lots of games that can help you win gift cards. Which is the best? That depends on your tastes. On Buff, you can earn rewards for playing favorites like Halo and Fortnite. Swagbucks and InboxDollars offer all sorts of online games, while Lucktastic focuses on digital scratch tickets. 

Earn Gift Cards by Playing Games Reddit

Here’s a summary of the Reddit thread I found on earning gift cards by playing games:

The thread starts with a simple question: What games can generate passive income?

A Reddit user asks about sites that provide income for playing games. Source: Reddit

In the responses, Redditors shared apps and platforms, including several that offer gift cards.

A Reddit user suggests Mistplay, and another agrees by saying you can make about $5 per day. Source: Reddit

Another Reddit user says that Swagbucks gives out points for playing games. Source: Reddit

Another respondent suggests trying out the games on InboxDollars. Source: Reddit

A Redditor suggests playing games with MyPoints or Swagbucks. Source: Reddit

*Note: This thread appears in the “Beermoney” community. These folks aren’t trying to make a living; they just want extra spending money. 

Will you get rich on these platforms or even make enough to pay for all your groceries? Probably not. But playing games can boost your income and keep you entertained at the same time!

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