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By Maddy Scheckel

March 9, 2023

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Starbucks conducts over 100 million transactions a week. They have lots of fans, and you’re probably one of them.

Don’t get too excited – especially if you’re hopped up on caffeine! – but guess what? 

You can get a free Starbucks gift card by completing simple online tasks. 

Plenty of platforms promise gift cards and other rewards, but not all of them are legit. You need to know which ones actually work, so you can get that coffee you’re after!

Good news: I’ve done the legwork for you, laying out several easy ways to access free Starbucks gift cards.

13 Easy Ways to Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card

Interested in shopping? Playing games? Taking surveys? 

Whatever your preference, you can find your ideal platform for earning a free Starbucks gift card.

Here are 13 totally legitimate options.

1 – Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a rewards platform that stands out by offering a wide variety of money-making opportunities. 

Enjoy games? Then play your way to a profit.

Prefer surveys? You can get paid to take them, too.

Other options include watching videos, signing up for services, and simply browsing the web.

You’ll earn “Swagbucks” as you go, which are worth one cent each. Then, once you reach $3, you can cash out to Paypal or choose other prizes, including free Starbucks gift cards. 

The average Swagbucks user makes $1-$5 a day – likely enough for your daily coffee! 

Want to learn more? Check out this full Swagbucks Review!

The name says it all: This platform is all about surveys. 

Each “point” on the site is worth 1¢. You’ll get 100 points by completing the sign-up questionnaire – and then earn more by taking additional surveys.

The cashout threshold is 500 points (worth $5). Once you’ve got that much in your account, you can receive actual cash or accept a gift card from Starbucks or other retailers. 

Get more details with this complete Branded Surveys review!

3 – Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is one of the biggest names in the online research community. They have over 2 million users, they’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau, and they work with high-profile brands. It doesn’t get much more legit than that!

There are two main ways to earn on Survey Junkie:

  • Complete standard surveys
  • Join “SJ Pulse,” which tracks your online behavior 

As you take surveys or browse the web, you’ll receive points to your account. 100 points equals $1. Once you’ve got 500 points (worth $5), you can exchange them for cash or a gift card.

Wondering if Starbucks gift cards are an option? They sure are! 

Read this Survey Junkie review to learn more.

In the digital era, a free Starbucks gift card is just a few online tasks away.
Source: Unsplash

4 – Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards offers rewards in exchange for uploading receipts – almost any receipts. You don’t need to buy anything special. Just scan the receipts for purchases you would make anyway, and then get rewarded with gift cards.

As you scan receipts with your smartphone, you’ll see your total points increase. You can upload up to 35 receipts in a 1-week period. 

Redeeming points is easy through the “rewards” tab in the app. You’ll see a list of gift card options, and yes, Starbucks is among them! 

The amount of the available gift cards will depend on your points total. The typical minimum for cashing out is 3,000 points. 

Read this full Fetch Review.

5 – Drop

Drop gives out gift cards in exchange for shopping and sharing opinions. 

Once you’ve downloaded the app, Drop gives you four ways to earn points:

  1. Linking your credit or debit card to the app before shopping
  2. Using offers that appear within the app
  3. Taking surveys 
  4. Playing games

Pro tip: New offers are released on Wednesdays. So if you use the app, make sure you’re paying attention!

You can use your accumulated points to claim rewards, including gift cards for brands like Starbucks. Just be aware that the lowest gift card amount is $25, which is a bit higher than average.

To learn more, check out this complete Drop review

6 – InboxDollars

InboxDollars is an all-in-one rewards platform that’s perfect for gamers and shoppers alike.

Ways to earn include:

  • Taking surveys
  • Using coupons
  • Playing games
  • Watching videos
  • Shopping with specific brands
  • Uploading receipts 
  • Sharing browsing activity 

InboxDollars is accessible through its website and its Android app. You’ll get a $5 bonus up front for signing up, and then you’ll earn more by completing tasks.

Cashing out is easy. Either access your earnings through Paypal or claim a gift card to Starbucks or another retailer.

Learn more with this complete InboxDollars review.

7 – Ibotta

Ibotta is a cashback program. This means they’ll give you some of your money back when you make purchases through their platform.

There are a few ways to earn on Ibotta:

  1. Make online purchases through the app or with the browser extension
  2. Upload receipts for purchases with cashback offers
  3. Link Ibotta to retailer loyalty accounts

Cashout is available if you’ve had your account for seven days and you’ve reached the $20 threshold. 

Receiving cash is one option, but if you’re a coffee fan, you can keep things simple and go for the Starbucks gift card!

Want to know more? Read this Ibotta review

8 – GrabPoints

This is a classic “get paid to” site, and it’s 100% legit. You complete tasks, they give you points, and then you turn those points into gift cards to retailers like Starbucks.

Available tasks include:

  • Watching TV
  • Taking Surveys
  • Completing online offers

That’s right – you can turn your favorite couch-potato activities into a free cappuccino!

And here’s something I appreciate: GrabPoints shows you a “live feed” of available tasks before you even sign up. That’s some next-level transparency, and it allows you to make an informed decision about signing up.

9 – MyPoints

We’ve called MyPoints “the best” online survey site, and we don’t make those declarations lightly! The site is legit, it’s easy to use, and it pays better than most competitors.

And yes, coffee lovers, it can give you a free Starbucks gift card!

There are three main ways to earn on MyPoints:

  • Cash back from shopping
  • Surveys
  • Online puzzles and games

There’s a $5 sign-up bonus, meaning your relationship with the site is sure to get off to an amazing start! 

From there, you’ll watch your total points increase with every task you complete.

Read this full MyPoints review to see exactly why we love this platform!

10 – Shopkick

Shopkick is a classic consumer rewards site. It gives you points when you make purchases through the platform. You can then redeem those points for gift cards from a long list of retailers.

And, of course, Starbucks is on that list!

Like other platforms, Shopkick will reward you for in-store and online purchases. 

But here’s an advantage of the site: For in-store purchases, you can scan the item’s barcode right on your phone. That means no receipt-saving, which is one less thing for you to worry about!

Shopkick says most members make enough for a gift card in just a week. You know what that means: free Starbucks in just seven days!

11 – Toluna

This is a survey site with a lofty vision. The model is familiar, they pay you to take surveys, but the language is a little different.

At Toluna, they call their users “influencers.”

A bit over the top? 

Maybe. But they do have a point. When you answer survey questions, you help brands make important choices. That’s some real-world influence!

You’ll receive points for each survey you complete. Then, you can check out the prizes available in the “rewards” tab. And if you’re a coffee fanatic, you can choose the free Starbucks gift card!

Note: Fellow survey site, “Vocalyz,” is now a part of Toluna. So that means one less place to look for free Starbucks gift cards!

12 – KashKick

KashKick is a website that pays users to play games, take surveys, and complete other online tasks. 

While it’s newer than some of the other platforms on this list, it seems to be totally legit. Yes, some reviewers on Trustpilot complain about not receiving rewards – but this seems to result from technical issues. Plenty of other people report cashing out smoothly. 

Warning to coffee lovers: KashKick pays cash through Paypal. So they don’t have a direct Starbucks gift card option. 

But hey, for some caffeine addicts, a Paypal account is just a coffee fund, anyway!

To learn more, check out this KashKick review

13 – Rakuten

When it comes to cash-back reward programs, Rakuten is about as legit as it gets. 

The stats speak for themselves:

  • 15 million people earning
  • $2.2 billion paid out
  • $63.50 average annual earnings per user

The model is simple. You make purchases through the app or browser extension, and they give you a portion of your money back. There’s also a $10 bonus for spending your first $25, which is reason enough to sign up and give it a try. 

You’ll get your cash back payment through Paypal every three months. 

And if you’re like me, you’ll be taking some of those savings straight to Starbucks!

You can receive a free Starbucks gift card by playing games, taking surveys, and browsing the web.
Source: Unsplash

Commonly Asked Questions About Ways to Get a Free Starbucks Gift Card

How to Get Free Starbucks Voucher?

You can get a free Starbucks voucher by completing tasks online. Sites like SwagbucksInboxDollars, and MyPoints offer gift cards for taking surveys, playing games, and doing other simple activities.  

Are Starbucks Cards Free?

You can get a free Starbucks gift card by taking surveys and playing games online. Sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars are legit, and they’ll let you earn in a way that’s genuinely entertaining.

How Do I Get a Starbucks Gift Card for Someone?

You can get a Starbucks gift card by buying it, but that’s boring and expensive! You can also access a free Starbucks gift card by playing games on sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars. Much more exciting!

Can You Get a Free Starbucks Drink?

  • You can get a free Starbucks gift card, which you’ll then turn into a free Starbucks drink, by using “get paid to” (GPT) sites online. On these platforms, you’ll “get paid to” do all sorts of simple tasks, from playing games to taking surveys. Options include MyPoints and InboxDollars.

Free Starbucks Gift Card Survey?

You can get free Starbucks gift cards for taking surveys, but not through Starbucks itself. Instead, you can make an account with an online platform like MyPoints or Branded Surveys. They’ll give you points for taking surveys, and you can turn those points into a free gift card. 

How to Get Free Money From Starbucks?

  • I don’t know about “free money,” does such a thing exist? But I do know you can get a free Starbucks gift card online. How? By playing games, taking surveys, and completing other simple tasks on sites like Swagbucks and InboxDollars

Free $5 Starbucks Gift Card?

You can get a free $5 Starbucks gift card through survey sites like InboxDollars and MyPoints. Taking online surveys won’t give you the money you need to live happily ever after, but it’s great for reaching smaller goals – like enjoying a delicious coffee.

Do Starbucks Gift Cards Expire?

Starbucks gift cards do not expire. So if you’ve received a card from a survey site like MyPoints or Survey Junkie, there’s no rush to use it.

Free Starbucks Gift Card Reddit

Here’s a summary of the Reddit thread I found on InboxDollars and Swagbucks. These are two sites that offer free Starbucks gift cards.

A user started the thread by asking how the platforms compare.

A Reddit user asks about the differences between InboxDollars and Swagbucks.
Source: Reddit

Respondents confirmed that the sites are owned by the same company and are generally similar.

A Redditor notes that the same company owns Swagbucks and InboxDollars.
Source: Reddit

A user says that Swagbucks and InboxDollars are similar.
Source: Reddit

One person pointed out a small difference: Swagbucks has a lower minimum payout for certain gift cards.

Someone points out that Swagbucks has a lower cashout threshold than InboxDollars for certain gift cards.
Source: Reddit

And that could be relevant if it’s a coffee you’re after!

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